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Um yeah its me
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Friday, June 13th, 2008
7:13 pm
Trying to keep up with this....
I dont know why I keep this thing I dont talk to anyone who reads this anymore. With that said I guess I am really writing for myself. I got a new job as a forklift driver at a place called nice-pak, it pays really well so I guess that is something right?! Tomorrow is gay pride here in Indianapolis and my girlfriend and I are going with a bunch of her friends. I am looking forward to it but Im usually really shy around new people so dont know how much fun its going to be. I really just look forward to looking really cute and seeing all the gayness around me.
Cant really believe how sad I am that Liz is going to England for the rest of the summer. We dont talk but a couple times a month and I havent been to see her in about 6 months but still going to miss the fact that I cant just call her up and chat. I am so glad that she is doing well and enjoys her life now. I really think I am keeping her from going to Law school. I am just fortunate enough to still be able to be friends with her. I hear her and Daisy are really liking it up there.

So yeah I am at my girlfriends house and my puppy, a one year old puggle, Gabi is running the other dogs crazy so I guess I need to go get her.
Sunday, June 1st, 2008
11:55 am
Wow its been over a year.
I havent been on here for almost 71 weeks. Alot has changed since then. I have had a couple girlfriends since then, moved a few times and have had a couple jobs. I am now living in Indianapolis in my own apartment with no roomates or girlfriend living with me. I am between jobs right now and that scares me but I have enough cash in the bank to live a couple months. This is totally crazy but I look and dress girly now. Wow I know all my trans friends are disappointed and everyone else is just freaked out about it. I will have new pics soon. I have longer hair and love the tight little tshirsts and tight jeans.
Other news is Ive been dating a woman for about a month now, she is so butch and I love it!!! She is also almost ten years older and so sweet and kind. It doesnt hurt that she is cute as hell either!!
Well that is all for now.

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
4:56 pm
Busy times
I am so busy lately its not funny. I just got a second job that is about 40 minutes from where I live. We plan on moving there in the next month or so but its hard right now. I work 2 or 3 days a week on day shift and another 3 days on midnights and then I still work at applebees 4 days a week. So yeah I will be loving the money but I hate working so much. I am just so glad that Jaime's mom lives about 20 minutes closer than we do so when I really am to tired or not wanting to drive so far we can stay there. Which is where we are staying for the next week or so. Her mom has some major surgery tomorrow and we are staying with her sister at the house. THen I work doubles the rest of the week. But thats it. I am off to finish laundry and get packed.

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
12:33 am
What an interesting New Years Eve
I worked NYE until like 10 and when Jaime picked me up we headed to a friends so I could change and we could let them know we would be back sooner or later...Well I wish we would have just stayed there!! We went to a friend of Jaimes from HS. It was all good for the half hour we were there and then all the sudden the friends boyfriend got pissed at something someone said (which turned out was totally nothing) and started throwing shit and breaking stuff and going mad. I got scared due to the fact that out of ten or more people in the room I knew 3 and we had nothing to do with anything. So after some drama there and Jaime trying to calm him down (although she did manage to pin him to the couch when none of the guys in the room could) we left and headed back to the house of the other friend. We hung out there for a while and then someone said something that pissed all sorts of poeple off and we left THERE...went to another friends house and drop him off and talked for a couple minutes and went home. So yeah oh what fun was had. I drank half a beer at the friend who went crazy and that was it. Jaime had a mixed drink at the next friends house but it wasnt very strong and all the argueing sobered her up. So yeah...now I am planning a party to replace the lack of one. Heres to hoping no one gets pissed again. But yeah thats about all. I didnt have to work until 430 today so I was really hoping to get totally messed up and have a hangover. Man I am getting old.
In other news my sister was here for 5 days this past week. It was great having her here. I had a lot of fun with her and she and Jaime really get along. We went to Bloomington and spent Lizs b-day with ehr. Went bowling and stuff it was a good time. We also went ice skating and oh my was that a whole lot of fun. Jessi fell 10 times in the first trip around the rink oh and it took her almost a half hour to go around once.
But yeah life is boring, work all the time, always broke, trying to get happy again. I hate winter.
Friday, December 22nd, 2006
12:26 am
Man is xmas REALLY three days away
Wow I cant believe how fast this year has gone. It seems like last month that I was in Kokomo and seeing my family everyday. Now I have moved twice and have a totally different life. Man time flies. Last xmas I couldnt afford many presents but it was one of the best ones I had had. This year I can afford a little and well I hope its like last year. Jaime's family has really taken me under there wing this past couple months and I really feel like this is becoming home but man their xmas spirit sucks. Jaime doesnt like the whole holiday and is even worse this year I guess because she cant get presents and her Dad is rebuilding from the divorce so he doesnt have much around the house yet. So yeah sorta hard to be in the xmas spirit and want to go out in the madness to get presents. I hope going to my parents will help. We are even going to church on Sunday before all the festivites start. We are spending the night at her moms and getting up at the butt crack of dawn to open presents so we can all go to our families. I guess this is the first year that all three kids in her family has had another place to go. So yeah xmas eve with her fam and xmas with mine. My little sister is even holding off opening her presents until we get there in the morning. Which for any of you with siblings that is going to be really hard for a 12 year old to be up at 630-7 and wait until 9-930 for presents. But anyways. 2006 is almost over and I didnt get to any of my goals. That is pretty upsetting. All I can say is this was a rebuilding year and next will be better.
Ok other than that Liz and I hung out today went to lunch and to Indy for some business. It was a good day. Then I came home and did NOTHING!!! I love when I can do that. I spent my whole day off just the way I wanted. Now tomorrow I am going to get up earlier than I normally do and go get my check and finish my presents I have to get. I am really not looking forward to Greenwood three days before xmas but hey have to shop when I have the cash. But yeah on that note I am off to find my gf and get to bed.
OH my little sister is coming to stay with us for 5 days after xmas. I am SOO excited about it. I cant wait... I usually get her every break she has and I havent been able to since the summer. So yeah fun times with the kid sister. Jaime and my other friend Alyssa are both looking forward to seeing her. She really likes Jaime so I am SOO glad that Jaime is cool with her. We are even going to go to Bloomington to hang out with Liz and the animals. Even though I dont live with them anymore she still asked about Daisy almost everytime we talk so that will be nice for her to see them. Oh man I cant wait...I am such a nut most 20 somethings wouldnt want to hang out with there little sister for a week but man its the highlight of my month. She is so important to me its not funny. Ok I am off now.
Monday, December 4th, 2006
9:04 pm
Yeah for days off
Ok so I have a lot of days off but man its great when you REALLY enjoy them. Yesterday was one of those days. When I got off work Saturday, Jaime and I went to Bloomington to hang out with Liz. Liz and I went to the bar (Jaime isnt old enough yet) and we had a great time. It was even BW-3s on a Saturday night and we had fun anyways. Well then we went back to her house and then the three of us went to Steak n Shake. That was fun too. You gotta love when the woman you were with for 4 years and the one you are building a relationship with get together and make endless fun of you...yeah good times. But yeah. When we went to bed I sorta forgot that all there is to sleep on at Lizs is a twin sized bed and a VERY uncomfortable couch. So that left Jaime and I to sleep together in the twin. That was an experience. Sunday morning Jaime and I went to church and then went back to Lizs to hang out again. We finally got home at like 6pm last night after stopping and seeing her Mom on the way back. Today I had the chance to sleep in and didnt. Damn schedule has me up early everyday now. But yeah went to Greenwood today and looked at cellphones and we were supposed to get her hair done but that didnt work out. Well it was a good day, after we were done in Greenwood we went back to Franklin and ate at Applebees (yeah I love my job so much I go there to eat on my day off NOT) but then we went to Walmart and spent way to much money on such a little amount of stuff. I cant beleive how much you can spend on bath stuff and deoderant. Grr! Well yeah so now we have been home for a while the groceries are put away and the bedroom is in some sort of transition. We are still trying to cram all of our stuff into a room that didnt really fit Jaime and all her stuff before I moved in. We are on hold though until her sister completely moves her stuff out so we can expand into the other bedroom. But we are dealing with it. It would really help if we had a dresser but we dont have room for one in here and Im not bringing mine until I can get all my stuff out of Lizs. I dont see the point and making two or three moving trips.
In other good news I just got a loan for the money I need to get my license stuf paid off. I am working on all that tomorrow before work. After this week I should be all good to go. Feburary 18th!!! Yeah that is when I can get it back if all the stuff is paid off. Heres to hoping there isnt anything else I need. So yeah, my life is going really good right now. I am working on boundries with friends and finding the boundries I need for Liz and I to have a long term friendship. I am also enjoying the new relationship I have. I thought moving in was maybe a bad idea so soon but its been nothing but great so far. I just keep telling myself she is younger than me and we have had two totally different lives. I can say that after a couple months of dating her I love her. Yes this isnt the crazy OMG I love her I love her like it was with Liz but there again I think I was too into her to fast and it sorta messed with the relaionship though it was a good one for a long time. But yeah its not 100% bliss with Jaime and I like it that way. I am myself and so is she and we are both REALLY hard headed people I LOVE it. Jaime I think is the one that I have needed wanted and longed for. Oh yeah!!! Ok enough of this shit I am off to Walmart again to get a new shower curtain.

Current Mood: energetic
Monday, November 20th, 2006
10:57 pm
So I have been cellphone carrier shopping the past few days. I pay anywhere between 60 and 80 a month for my plan with Liz which isnt that big of a deal but Im paying for all this and cant use the damn thing with in a 7 mile radius of my house. I live in the middle of no where and no ones phone really works out here. So I have decided to go with a small minute plan with a cool phone. I am looking into Amp'd and a couple others. I would really like to get something other than verizon. So now with all that said. Anyone in Indiana have good or bad to say about any carrier. I have looked into Verizon, Cingular, Amp'd and I think I am going to check on boost. So anything would be a help.
Other than that nothing exciting happening. Jaime and I went to church yesterday and then out to lunch with Liz. Man I tell you its so nice to hang out with her and have her like my new gf and all. We are thinking of a double date with her and her boyfriend and us. Weird and great all in the same package. But yeah, then we spend today getting Jaimes car from Bloomington to Nineveh. That was an experience. The damn thing was so torn up by the vandals that it doesnt start, both back tires were cut and so on and so forth. To top it all off her car has these ground effects on them that make the car about 4 inches off the ground. So yeah, her Dad and us had to push it into the garage so he can work on it. That was fun. Oh did I mention that it also has a broken window. But it is here and now the really fun stuff, getting to fix it. I am actually looking forward to it.
Well I am off. The grocery man (aka her Dad) just got home so we need to go help. Yeah we are staying with her Dad. He needs help with the house payment and well its a big house and he is never home. It works out really nice.
Ok nite everyone.

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
12:11 am
I cant believe the people I have found on Myspace. Some of them its been great to reconnect with and well some its been hard. I wish I could go back to college and high school and just not say and do some of the things that have come back to haunt me now. I am just glad that I have learned from those experiences and have grown from them. It just hurts when there are people that you thought you had worked out everything and where on good terms with again and find out that in fact your not. One such person was a sorority sister of mine. I thought we left things in a good way but I guess she still has issues with it all. Argh. Oh well. I am starting to think looking into my past wasnt such a good idea. I have a good life now. I have made some of the greatest friends in the past month and I have some great friends from years ago. Why do I need to look into the things that hurt? I dont know.
In other news... I went to the hospital last night. I had like 9 sezuires in a matter of 20 minutes and my girlfriend decided it was time. Good thing too. I was in bad shape. They did a CT scan and they have to call me with the final results. I need to get back into the nerologist to get different meds or something. Im just happy it didnt put me out of commison for work today. I am doing so well at this job and I like it so much I dont want anything to mess it up. I have already gotten one raise and looking to get another in a week. I hope this one is a keeper. I never know. Things in a restuarant change so quick.
Other than that I have nothing.
I have noticed my depression is getting worse. I dont think its the weather or anything situational. I really think its becasue I have changed so much in a small amount of time. And I also think that I am still mourning my relationship with Liz and all that I have lost and all that I have gained from it. I dont regret it at all, I just think I still need to get over it. Then in the same breath I am now afraid that the relationship I am in now will suffer and may not last because its a "rebound" I really care about Jaime. Im just scared and even in the same thought. Liz was in all respects a "rebound" that lasted 4 years. I know that the last year and a half wasnt really a relationship but still years. I dont know. Im just upset and depressed.
Well that is all for now... this was the heaviest post Ive made in a long time.
Please any comments would be apprieciated.

Current Mood: melancholy
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
12:28 am
Um nothing
OK so this is yet another pointless post but I promised myself that if I was going to keep this account that I would use it. So here it goes.
-I quit Chilis
-I now work at Applebees
-my gf and I have decieded to be serious
-I feel that the friendship Liz and I have is getting stranded
-I went to court Monday
-Im not in jail and not in much trouble at all
-I have found some new great friends
-I am starting to feel like this place is home
-Jaime wont let me drive AT ALL
-this is good but its only been two days and its already driving me nuts
-I have Thanksgiving off and am going home
-my parents like Jaime
-I miss my cats and dog
-Church is going really well
-I now have a myspace and am addicted
-My cell phone is a bitch
-um thats all

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
11:19 pm
Nuthin much
Ok so this is a tottally pointless post because I really dont have anything to say. I just thought since I have the internet where I am staying I might as well use it. Nothing new happening, this is the most boring and drama free my life has been in years. That is kinda sad really. But anyways, the only thing I have going on in the next little bit is court. Yes I have to go to court in my hometown a week from tomorrow. I was visiting about a month and a half ago and got pulled over. (I have a suspended license) Well I was of course caught driving when I shouldnt have been and now have to go to court to see what they are going to do to me. This is all my fault and I know I deserve whatever they give me. I just wish I hadnt have sped and when I did I really wish I would have had the money to pay for them. Now I owe something like 750 dollars and well NOW court stuff and 750. This is where all the sensible law abiding citizens come in and call me a big dumb ass. Yes yes I am. So worst case senerio I am looking at jail up to 6 months. That is the absolute worst I could get like 10% chance. Then I could have anything less than that. Best case would be probation, fines, and my license suspended for another 180 days. Or they could just let me off with informal probation and 90 day suspenion. I really dont think that is even an option. But hey here's to hoping. So yeah thats it.
Work is ok. Been learning more areas and feeling better about my co-workers.
Relationship is fine.
I miss my dog something terrible.
I want to hang out with Liz and gossip about our new found lives.
I miss talking to her.
I am slowly moving into my new place, I have about half my clothes here and well a big step for me...my pillows
Ok so that really is all.

Current Mood: indescribable
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
2:04 am
A Quickie
Ok so to make this really quick. Liz and I are still great friends. Yes this is all werid and going to take time to adjust to being friends. I am confident it will happen though. I am moving to the Franklin/Greenwood area sooner than our lease is over so I really appriciate the fact that her parents are going to help her. Liz and I both think that her living on her own and me on mine is something we both should do. I think we would of had problems in the future because we didnt. I think this is something that will in the long run seem like something we should have done maybe even sooner than now. 4 years is a long time. I still care about her, just cant be with her in a relationship way.
Um other than that I have some big news but it will have to wait for another day and maybe some more talking to Liz about it first.
Anyone who wants to comment please do. John I would like to talk to you phone call wise so please what is your number?

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
3:13 pm
Really Quick
Ok so this is going to be fast... Liz has started to do her law school stuff. She takes her first LSAT at the end of the month. We are going to Indy Sept 8-10 for her to attend a class to get a better score. So Dundon if you are not busy we were wondering??? She is appling to IU, Michigan, and U of Chicago and then either Notre Dame or Stanford depending on how high her score is.
The puppy is getting so big she weighted 5lbs. when we got her and a months and a half later weights about 11lbs. She is a sweetheart when she is sleeping.
Thats about it.

John... I didnt have enough education for management at Wendys. They want a BA and not an AA. Oh well I am at Dennys and getting into management there.
Monday, July 31st, 2006
6:15 pm
Um this is so different
Well Yesterday Liz and I went to church. A Unitarian Universalist Church. I didnt really know how I would feel about going even though I am the one whos been sorta pressing the issue. Oh boy what a surprise it was. OK so I had no idea what to wear due to its been like 10 years since Ive been to a church and it was a conservative one. So I wore khakis and a polo and even did my hair (gel felt werid, its been a while). When we got there poeple were in jeans and tshirts, shorts and flip flops. Ok liked it already. We walked in and found a seat toward the back and low and behold we sit one row from another gay couple. Not only that but two other couples with kids ok now I am LOVING it. Well the pastor(Minister) walks up and he is a long haired hippy. The whole congregation is this mesh of all sorts of poeple young, old, upper class, middle class, just a mesh. We werent even batted an eye at. The sermon was on poetry and the earth and how we should all think about and meditate about the poeple in Lebanon and Iraq and not just the soldiers or allies but everyone good or bad. It was really cool. We are so going back next week. I feel uplifted and sorta happier today. Even though our lives and jobs arent going so well I am still looking on the good side of things. We have decided to go to a class on the UU way. I hope we can just keep it up and keep going. Its even got an 1115 service. I feel so old, this is what I was looking forward to moving here, being able to find a place I feel we belong that doesnt include drink specials and drag shows. I want to become a responsible contributing part of a dynamic gay culture. I think we found it here. I am starting to really like Bloomington. I cant wait to meet more like minded lesbos. LOL ok and get to a bar or two.

Other than that I have two possibly three interviews tomorrow and I hope they all say yeah we want you. Heres to hoping.
The puppy went to her first dog park today and ran like the dickens, so much she has slept since we got her home.
Oh and how is this for bored, we cant afford cable right now and the tv channels here suck (theres only two) so we have decieded to watch all our movies in ABC order without skipping any of them. So we watch all the ones we love and hate. So far we have made it to Austin Powers 2 I hate Micheal Myers with a passion. But we have some that Liz just does not want to see either so I guess its fair.
Friday, July 28th, 2006
4:46 pm
Oh my what it takes to love a puppy
So we got this really cute, quiet little puppy at the pound almost three weeks ago. Going on our previous experiences of dog rearing we didnt think it would be a big deal to train, take out, and play with said puppy. Well we have found out just how much our parents did without our knowledge. Dont get me wrong I love the little furr ball. BUT she chews on EVERYthing, including her favorite, Liz's various body parts and she whins more than a kid does. She thinks that night time means you can go potty every hour even if you have to struggle and run around to do anything. Poor Chloe has become target for Daisy's playfulness, running around in circles and trying to bark and torment her until the cat hits her on the head multiple times. Chloe has also become the protector of Reese because she has a cold and HATES the dog with a passion. Aside from that Daisy is a good dog that is now thanks to a lot of work on Liz's part house broken, leash trained, and crate trained. She has only had one accident in the house since we got home, she walks on the leash pretty well until she gets tired and she has no problems getting in her crate when its time for bed or when she has been to ruff and starts biting. She even met her fisrt doggie friends the other day and did very well with them. Now the puppy that she was rough housing with was like twice her weight but hey gotta start somewhere. Tomorrow we are going to take her to a doggie park opening. We think she well enjoy being outside and we hope will get along with the other dogs. She cant really play with the cats right now. They are sick from the "spa" and well just not in the mood.
In other news, Liz and I have gone to McCormick's Creek State park twice and a couple of city parks with trails since we've been here. That is the most we've been outside since we started dating. We also take the puppy for a couple walks everyday. I feel so much better getting out and doing something. Its been nice having Liz around so much. We didnt really spend that much time togehter in Kokomo or South Bend.
She had been looking for jobs at IU and I think she will have one in the next week or so. She scored higher than most on the tests they gave her. I hope she finds something that makes her happy not just gives her a pay check. I am also in the job hunt...the place I am working is shutting down for two months to investigate some bad money handling that happened like 6 months ago. So if anyone knows of anything in Bloomington let me know.

John...where did you work??
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
9:21 pm
I hate Delta sometimes..
Oh my so Liz's brothers wedding was Saturday. It was a nice ceremony and reception and they are the happiest poeple in the world. BUT getting there and home wasnt fun at all. We got to the airport in South Bend an hour early, we got to the check in counter and found out that our return flight was all messed up. They had booked us for a flight ariviving in Atlanta at 330 but leaving Atlanta for South Bend at 315. So finally they got us changed to a totally messed up flight so we could atleast get to Kansas, we almost missed it. Well then today on our way home we had to fly from Witchita then to Atlanta to Cinny then finally to South Bend. Well we got to Atlanta and realized that that only Liz had a ticket to South Bend....so finally after all that we spent almost 14 hours traveling to only fly 4 hours and spend 2 in a car. So yeah we are now at her parents house and are all really tired.
We are leaving Goshen tomorrow to head to Kokomo and pick up our 'kids' Our puppy has had a great time at 'grandmas' and the cats have been at the 'spa' aka boarder. I am taking the cats back with me to Bloomington and Liz is bring the puppy back to Goshen with her for the week. She is staying here to help her parents get ready for the reception they are having on Saturday then she will be coming home Sunday. I hope to come back up here for it on Friday but I dont know what I will work. I am sorta scared to be in a new house (Bloomington) by myself. We have only slept there a couple nights and well it isnt the greatest area. But I will survive. So if anyone happens to be in B-town hit me up.
Well that is all for now I am so tired I am going to bed REALLY soon.

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
1:13 am
Wow busy few weeks
Man where to start....Liz and I have moved to Bloomington. We live on the South side in a nice town home with cool neighbors. We also have added to our family...we now have a puppy named Daisy, she is a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with something black. We think its a lab. But anyways she is 2 months old and just SOOOO adorable. I think about ten minutes after we got her we were like OH my god we just got a DOG!!! what the heck. Well we love her to death and dont think we could live without her.
But we got her at a bad time. We just moved, we have had to go back and forth from Kokomo to Bloomington and we leave for Kansas tomorrow for five days. We are going to Lizs brothers wedding. That is exciting in and of itself. I am so happy for Andy. But we had to find a sitter for both cats and the dog and let me tell you how hard that is. We ended up boarding the cats at a kitty spa where we can get then bathed and pampered. Daisy we were going to leave with my brothers family but when we got there that didnt work. There weiner dog they have tried to take a bite out of poor little Daisy. So my mom ended up keeping her. Thank god we didnt know what to do with her, she is to young to board at a GOOD place.
Well now we are going to bed to get up and be at the airport at 10am. I hate flying. I hope the skies are clear and there is no turbulance. I hate flying. Ok well good night.
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
5:40 pm
Rambles and updates
Ok so its one month and counting until the last moving(for a long while atleast). We have the house, I have a job and Liz has some great leads. The just needs to start packing and moved and thats it. I am so glad we have some big strong guy friends here, I dont think I could take her parents and mine doing it all.
Also coming up soon is Liz's brothers wedding. Its in Kansas and I am excited for it. In the three years Ive known Andrew he has really grown and alot of it I think is his fiance. The wedding shower is this weekend and we are headed up there on Friday. We cant figure out what to buy them for it and we even have the lists for them registry. This is all new to us(first wedding that our parents didnt buy the gift).
Other than that nothing really exciting. We had to take both cats to the vet the other day. One has the beginnings of diabetes and the other has bladder stones. The had to be kept there for almost two days and we still have to take them both back before we move. Grr for sick kitties, we feed them, love them, and take care of them and they are still the two sickliest cats Ive ever seen.

Well that is all. I am feeling like life can only go up from here and that is the best feeling in the world. I just wish going up was a little cheaper. Liz is looking forward to getting a new job and starting the law school process. We have stopped smoking, I drink very little and she has cut down on the caffine intake, we are both loosing weight and feeling better about our bodies, minds, and souls. We are even going to try going to church when we move.
Life is good
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
9:19 am
Hey really quick. We are in Bloomington for this week. We found a great townhouse on the west side that is only 500 a month. Two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, and well just wonderful. We have some great leads on jobs, I had a interview at Outback and Liz has put in about 20 resumes. We have gotten lost about a hundred times too. Put this vacation has been fun, stressful and well quick productive.
Today were not going to B-town. Instead we are going to hang around her aunts house and go to Nashville and Brown Co. park. Well that is about all.

JOHN!! man I need your help big time. We wanted to know what road you lived on and what road your Wendys was on. We tried to find it through sight and memory but um no didnt find it and got lost. Then we were going to call you and realized that Lizs phone erased your number and message. So please please please call us tonight and let us know. We leave for home tomorrow evening and plan to go to B-town in the morning. So please help.
We wont be on here again till we leave. Dail-up in the county. Its kicked me off twice already.
Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

That is all good day

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
5:14 pm
A Quickie
Hey John we (Liz) got your message sorry she hasnt called you back yet. She asked that I LJ you and let you know that on her next day off she will though. She leaves for work about the time its lunch for you and she gets home at 3am so what about midnight your time. So she is really sorry.
You sound great by the way. I didnt know until you said it who you were. That is wonderful! Go with your boy-self.

We are going to Bloomington the first week of May to check out some of the houses weve been looking at. It will also give us time to find jobs and such.
Well that is all.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, March 24th, 2006
11:13 am
My birthday and other ramblings
Hey everyone!! Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I feel old. For this feeling older than am bday Liz and I are spending a few days at her parents house. We got here Weds. and we are leaving tonight. We really didnt do much. Just hung out with her mom and dad. I really like my in laws so this was a good bday. Liz made my cake and she did a great job. Her mom make these things called scweeches. They are hamburger sour cream and cheese sandwiches that are cooked in a camp fire pie iron. Yummy!
Well that is about all. Last night we looked for houses in Bloomington. We found a few great affordable ones. Dont know if affordable means bad neighborhood or not.
Well that is all. Have fun take care.
--John do you know if Yancy Lane in B-towm is a good area or not. This is where we found three duplexes we like. Thanks for any info.

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